Winner Global, LLC.

About Winner Global, LLC

Winner Global, LLC is a privately held technology company with its corporate headquarters located in Sharon, PA. Since 2003, we have been identifying emerging technologies and products that focus on homeland security, military defense, and environmental & energy markets. By virtue of world-wide business relationships that have evolved, leading-edge technologies and products are evaluated for consideration into the Winner Global business group. Future production activities may be placed into the Winner Industrial Park Incubator facility where concepts are advanced from the research stage through full production. The most successful of our conceptual opportunities will be “spun off” from Winner Global into independent business units.

The company’s objective is to become a major force in strategically identified markets by developing state-of-the-art technologies that mitigate the environmental hazards of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) and industrial water pollution through a patented water treatment process.

The mooring of our research and development projects have been funded through substantial private investment. In addition, we have been successful in securing both federal and state grants to financially support our innovative projects. Winner Global will provide the management expertise necessary to implement a sales and marketing strategy to produce net profits from each business unit.
Drawing upon the success of our projects, and our strong leadership and management team, Winner Global, LLC anticipates the creation of several hundred direct and indirect job opportunities within its various business entities.

Winner Global Energy & Environmental Services